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Mon-Fri 7am - 6pm

About Us

HailDirect is setting the standard for customer service and quality repairs across Alberta.

Using modern tools and technology combined with old-school dent removal experience to bring your vehicle's appearance back to pristine condition after a hail storm.

Unlike conventional body repairs, we mend the metal back into shape without additional materials like paint or fillers being applied.

We understand you have many options for hail repair but value and excellence should remain your top priorities as they do for us. Call today for unrivaled results and a deductible-free repair.

Meet The Hail Repair Expert

David has been repairing hail damage for years making his shop a trusted name in Calgary and surrounding areas.

His wealth of knowledge and impeccable customer service has resulted in a flawless reputation.

Give him a call for a smooth hail repair process that saves your wallet and your ride.


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